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Ghost Squad Tactical is a Security Company with a major difference to other Companies. Based in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg and working only in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. Just in the top two tiers of Management there is over 120 years of Law Enforcement and Security experience. Owner led and managed 24 hours a day Ghost Squad is named after the SAPS of many years ago when that specialised Unit struck fear into the hearts of many criminal elements and was responsible for countless arrests related to serious crime.

Guarding, Armed Reaction, CCTV Off-Site Monitoring as well as Alarm systems, Electric Fencing, CCTV installations and other technical aspects are all catered for by the in house staff most of whom have worked with the Owners for over 10 years.

Strict para-military discipline is enforced throughout, with employment polygraphs, ITC, background checks, PSIRA Registration checks, criminal record checks carried out on all new staff and throughout their period of service. Ad-hoc polygraphs together with incident polygraphs are routinely done on all staff.

Above average wages with arrest and good work bonuses as well as certificates are the order of the day. Training is ongoing with no Officers employed under a “C” Grade. Officers are familiarised with the area they are to work under supervision for up to two weeks before being allowed to go onto shift.

The Company has Training Officers in virtually every field of the Business and external Trainers that can train Officers in the more obscure fields of Law Enforcement and Security.

As can be seen by some of the photographs on our Web Page equipment is top notch and maintained at that level. Law Enforcement Officers need to be able to counter criminal elements with equipment better or at least equal to the criminals. True Proactive Management is the order of every day.

Many years ago the CEO Operations Allan Stott grew tired of arriving at scenes of devastation with only a first aid kit and started the trend for Security Companies to provide first responder International Trauma Life Support trained Officers to assist wounded or injured persons until Advanced Life Support vehicles and ambulances arrived on the scene. Hundreds of thousands of Rand are spent on this free of charge service every year.

Hundreds of hours a Month are spent supporting the various SAPS stations in the Northern Suburbs and many arrests, rescues and medical incidents are attended by Ghost Squad Officers. Investigations are carried out in all serious incidents usually by senior staff and reports are drafted in just about every incident whether minor or not.

We have over two hundred staff at present and are growing rapidly. Yes, we hear you! “So what happens when you get bigger and become a Corporate Business” and the answer is simple. At a certain point we will stop all new contracts like we did at Piranha Security our former Company. This is our maximum profitability without losing control of the personal touch. Yes, we again hear you! “How much do you charge with all this specialised service” We are not the most expensive but not the cheapest either! We want to give the best service but have no Board to report to and wish to make a good living. Try us for the best service and protection.

“We Appear when Criminals are Near”

Armed Reaction & Monitoring

Ghost Squad has marked and unmarked vehicles that are used as part of our multifaceted attack on criminal elements. Standard Armed Reaction Units are also backed up by a fleet…

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CCTV / Off Site Monitoring

Ghost Squad has a fully equipped and manned Off-Site Monitoring Centre and we are able to supply, monitor and react to incidents seen on the cameras in the Northern Suburbs…

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Ghost Squad Guards are hand picked by the Operations CEO, Allan Stott, who has more than 46 years experience in the security business and runs guards on a strict semi-paramilitary…

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Medical Emergencies

Ghost Squad’s Medical Units offer first responder Trauma Life Support from ITLS trained officers. This is no-charge service as back in 2001 we were faced with injured or wounded persons…

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Alarms, Electrical Fences & Outdoor Beams

Ghost Squad Technical team members are in-house personnel that have been working with us for over 10 years. Ghost Squad Technical installs alarms, CCTV, electric fences and outdoor beams. We…

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