Community Service – Anti-Hijack Avoidance & Survival

As part of our on-going commitment to Community Service, Ghost Squad presented vehicle anti-hijacking training (avoidance & survival) on behalf of the Sandton Community Police Forum, at St Peter’s School in Petervale last night


Sophisticated anti-theft technology has made it increasingly difficult to steal motor vehicles. As a result, we are witnessing a dramatic increase of vehicle hijackings. To the unprepared driver who does not understand the concept of situational awareness the hijacker has the element of surprise and attack. We are dealing with specialised syndicates who run international multimillion Rand operations. They are highly organised and very successful and well trained in the art of hijacking. The sad reality however is that the hijack victim is totally unprepared. Armed attacks of this nature are extremely intimidating and frequently end in tragedy. Understanding this hostile environment and the psychology of the hijacker can only come from proper training, and this presentation equips you with the knowledge on how to minimize the risk of being hijacked and the modus operandi of hijackers.


Presented by Ghost Squad CEO Francois Marais (a leading vehicle Anti-Hijack specialist), the presentation covers both avoidance and survival as follows:


Part 1 – Vehicle Hijack Avoidance


  • Why are vehicles hijacked?
  • Is hijacking here to stay?
  • Which cars are not hijacked?
  • Profile of a typical hijacker
  • When & where am I most at risk?
  • Four Golden Rules
  • How to avoid hijacking at home
  • Preparing your car
  • How to avoid hijacking on the road
  • Follow-home robberies (shops / banks / Airports)
  • What to do if followed
  • Should I carry a gun?
  • Suitability and use of pepper spray
  • How to recognize bogus Police
  • Preparing family & children


Part 2 – Vehicle Hijack survival


  • What if avoidance fails?
  • The hijackers state of mind
  • What prevents me from being kidnapped?
  • What prevents me from being killed?
  • Critical survival point strategies
  • Fight vs flight – what will I do?
  • Body language tricks & techniques
  • If you remember nothing else…
  • Your car vs your life…?
  • If you are shot or injured…
  • Dealing with the after effects
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Getting back behind the wheel.


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