Ghost Guard- Your Personal Gate Guard

It’s that time of year again when things go bump in the night. Let us help you put some of your fears to rest by presenting to you a new product called The Ghost Guard.

The Ghost Guard is a small device that fits into the motor of your gate. The device that acts as a receiver sends a signal back to our control room when the gate has been forcibly opened or lifted off the rails. It also sends a signal to control room if the gate has been opened and it stays open for longer than a minute and a half, thus reducing incidents where residents have forgotten to close their gates.

The device is small and discreet and serves as a great additional security feature to the existing products available from Ghost Squad. Instillation is quick and easy and you could be feeling safer within 30mins.

This relatively new product has been in use for the past couple of months with great success and many satisfied clients.

Please contact our sales department to find out more about The Ghost Guard.