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Ghost Squad is a community based company with some of the highest standards in the industry. Even our radio systems are digitally encrypted and cannot be intercepted by criminals.

Our services include:

  1. Guarding
  2. Armed Reaction & Monitoring
  3. CCTV / OFF Site Monitoring
  4. Medical Emergencies
  5. Alarms, Electrical Fences & Outdoor Beams/Passives

At Ghost Squad we believe in Hands on Management. Ghost Squad Executive staff is available 24 hours and 365 days and actively are out on the road during normal working hours and after hours. Executive staff normally attend any serious matter, even in the early hours of the morning and are likewise, available for a serious matters and instant decisions at the end of a cell phone.

Our quotes are based on current crime trends in your area and inspection of your property.  An informed proposal based on expertise in the security industry will be presented.

Armed Reaction & Monitoring

Ghost Squad has marked and unmarked vehicles that are used as part of our multifaceted attack on criminal elements. Standard Armed Reaction Units are also backed up by a fleet…

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CCTV / Off Site Monitoring

Ghost Squad has a fully equipped and manned Off-Site Monitoring Centre and we are able to supply, monitor and react to incidents seen on the cameras in the Northern Suburbs…

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Ghost Squad Guards are hand picked by the Operations CEO, Allan Stott, who has more than 46 years experience in the security business and runs guards on a strict semi-paramilitary…

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Medical Emergencies

Ghost Squad’s Medical Units offer first responder Trauma Life Support from ITLS trained officers. This is no-charge service as back in 2001 we were faced with injured or wounded persons…

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Alarms, Electrical Fences & Outdoor Beams

Ghost Squad Technical team members are in-house personnel that have been working with us for over 10 years. Ghost Squad Technical installs alarms, CCTV, electric fences and outdoor beams. We…

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