Medical Case – 26 May 2015

S/G Khekhe was on patrol when he found the tenant from Unit 3 lying at the bottom of the stairs at her unit, drifting in and out of consciousness. The guard immediately called for assistance and with S/G Piet they carried her from where she had fallen, up the stairs back into into her unit. Area manager Douglas reacted to the call for assistance and arrived shortly thereafter, this was followed by the one of the Ghost Squad Medic Units (Sean). Vital signs and Oxygen were taken and administered but the patient did not revive. ER 24 was called at the time of the first alert but was unable to find the Complex. Additional Ghost Squad Reaction Units then went in search of the Ambulance and escorted it to the Complex.

On arrival of the ER24 unit the tenant, Marylin was still drifting in and out of consciousness and as a result ER 24 with an Ambulance driven by paramedic Dries and assistant transported the tenant to Garden City Clinic for further medical care and attention.

The lady returned to the complex at 17:30 and advised the guards that tests had shown that her sugar levels were the cause of her condition. She expressed thanks to the Guards and Ghost Squad medic for the rapid assistance provided.