Nicole – 12 November 2015

Hi Francois,

I wanted to reach out quickly to let you know if you ever want client recommendations or testimonials I’d be happy to write one. So far the experience has been excellent. There was an issue yesterday where a curtain kept setting off the alarm (which is now sorted out so will not happen again!) and I was in a strategy session with clients from 8-5. I was so impressed with Ghost squads comms when the alarm went off and the  handling of the situation. When I got home late that night one of the guards came over to let me know about when the alarms were going off and that the house was secured and they identified it to be a curtain in the second bedroom. I’d also received calls from switchboard after they had checked out each incident.

While I’m sure it was a bit of an irritation for the team to go check the house after each of the alarms, I appreciated their diligence and communications. Living alone and in a new city its a relief to feel like the team truly is looking after my house and safety.

Thank you again, I’m so glad I decided to get the alarm activated, its taken a huge worry off my shoulders.